11 Free PPC Keyword Tools Worth Looking At

By Andrew Thompson | SEO

Apr 05
11 Free PPC Keyword Tools

Google and Bing are not the only keyword tools out there for you to use to generate keywords for your pay-per-click advertisements or to help with keyword research. In fact, here are 11 free PPC tools that aren’t Google or Bing.

1. Local Keyword Generator


5 Minute Site

Want to create a list of local keywords for your Adwords campaign? With the local keyword generator at, you can enter your zip code, a radius of up to 100 miles, and your base keywords to generate a list of keywords with the names of all the surrounding cities.

2. WordHippo


Word Hippo

Stuck looking for additional relevant keywords? The keyword tool at WordHippo will help you search for synonyms and antonyms.

3. SEMRush


SEM Rush

With SEMRush, you can enter a competitor’s website and get AdWords ad copy and position, organic position for keywords, search volume, CPC, competition and lots more. SEMRush is a powerful tool to help manage your PPC campaigns, but the results are limited for free searches. If PPC is a regular part of your advertising efforts, then a subscription will be well worth it.

4. SplitTester


Perry Marshall

You’re running two ads and you’re not sure which ad will perform better over the long run? Then the free tool at is sure to help. Just enter the number of clicks and the click through rate for each ad into the form and you’ll know which ad is likely to be the winner in the long run.

5. AdWords Wrapper


Adwords Wrapper

Easily modify your AdWords keyword list to include broad, modified broad, phrase and exact match keywords. Even create negative and exact negative keyword lists. Go to AdWords Wrapper to copy and paste your keyword list into the form and the tool will wrap your keywords for [exact], “phrase”, +modified +broad, -negative, or –[exact negative].

6. Ad Comparator



Forget split testing. This is multivariate testing. The free tool at Ad Comparator is a Taguchi-based ad optimizer that will allow you to simultaneously test up to 15 different aspects of any advertisement, email, or website.

7. Übersuggest


Uber Suggest

Übersuggest is a keyword tool that will provide many more keyword options not available in the Google Keyword Planner. Easily filter your searches to narrow your search and discover keywords you would never have thought of.

8. ROI Calculator


PPC Blog

Determining the return on investment (ROI) for your CPC ads is a lot easier with the tool at Just enter the total monthly clicks, estimated cost per click, your conversion rate, and your average profit per conversion to determine your ROI.

9. BidCops


Bid Cops

The tool at BidCops is free and will save you money on your AdWords campaigns by helping you quickly identify the underperforming keywords in your campaign so that you can remove them. The tool performs an audit of your AdWords campaign in 30 seconds and gives you specific actionable insights.

10. MergeWords


Merge Words

The tool at Merge Words can help you quickly create keywords to search for available domain registrations or AdWords. Enter one or more words into each of three available boxes and the tool will merge the words into all possible variations.

11. Jumbo Keyword


Jumbo Keyword

The tool at Jumbo Keyword is great for cleaning up your keyword list and adding exact and phrase keyword variations. It also has an Ad-Maker that helps you create your AdWords ads and you can then save the ads to a text file.

These are just 11 great keyword tools that are available for free. Hopefully, you will find them useful in creating and managing your PPC keyword lists and ads and for keyword research when writing your next blog article.

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